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Active Wazers

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| AE Dubai || AT Vienna || BE Antwerp || BE Brussels || BE Charleroi || BE Ghent || BE Liège || BG Sofia || BR Rio De Janeiro || BR São Paulo || BY Minsk || CH Basel || CH Bern || CH Geneva || CH Zurich || CR San José || DE Berlin || DE Dresden || DK Copenhagen || ES Barcelona || ES Madrid || ES Seville || ES Valencia || FI Helsinki || FR Lyon || FR Marseille || FR Paris || GR Athens || HR Zagreb || HU Budapest || HU Debrecen || IE Dublin || IL Jerusalem || IL Tel Aviv || IT Rome || LT Vilnius || LV Riga || MX Mexico City || MY Kuala Lumpur || NL Amsterdam || NL Eindhoven || NL Enschede || NL Groningen || NL Rotterdam || NL The Hague || NO Oslo || PL Warsaw || PT Lisbon || PT Porto || RO Bucharest || RS Belgrad || RU Moscow || SE Stockholm || SL Ljubljana || TH Bangkok || TR Ankara || TR Istanbul || TR Izmir || TX Austin || TX Dallas || TX Houston || UA Kiev || UK Belfast || UK Edinburgh || UK London || UY Montevideo || ZA Johannesburg |
The data are based on the Near You Now feature which means that there are actual data only if the feature is enabled in the city.
AE Dubai AT Vienna BE Antwerp
BE Brussels BE Charleroi BE Ghent
BE Liège BG Sofia BR Rio De Janeiro
BR São Paulo BY Minsk CH Basel
CH Bern CH Geneva CH Zurich
CR San José DE Berlin DE Dresden
DK Copenhagen ES Barcelona ES Madrid
ES Seville ES Valencia FI Helsinki
FR Lyon FR Marseille FR Paris
GR Athens HR Zagreb HU Budapest
HU Debrecen IE Dublin IL Jerusalem
IL Tel Aviv IT Rome LT Vilnius
LV Riga MX Mexico City MY Kuala Lumpur
NL Amsterdam NL Eindhoven NL Enschede
NL Groningen NL Rotterdam NL The Hague
NO Oslo PL Warsaw PT Lisbon
PT Porto RO Bucharest RS Belgrad
RU Moscow SE Stockholm SL Ljubljana
TH Bangkok TR Ankara TR Istanbul
TR Izmir TX Austin TX Dallas
TX Houston UA Kiev UK Belfast
UK Edinburgh UK London UY Montevideo
ZA Johannesburg